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  • Surf Privately
  • Unblock Websites
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  • Multiple Downloads
  • Appear as a Second Person
  • Extra Layer of Internet Security
  • Intensive Search Engine Requests
  • Make Full use of SEO Tools

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The Best Sites to Buy Private Proxies

If you're experienced with proxies or are currently using SEO tools then please go straight to the List of the Top 10 Proxy Sites where I have reviewed the best places on the net to buy proxies. If you are just starting to learn about proxies then please read on.

Only a small percentage of internet users know the benefits of having access to multiple IP addresses and just how easy they are to use. The vast majority of people have only one IP that was provided to them by their service provider or cable company. This numerical address may change on occasion depending on your internet provider but this is something you have no control over as most people have their computer set up to automatically detect their IP address. Your current IP is displayed in the IP Address Tracker to the left of this page.

This website will cover three topics. First, I will go through some of the benefits of having a second IP address such as being able to surf the net anonymously and unblock websites and then I will answer the question: how do I change my IP address? I made a brief tutorial to show you two of the simplest ways to make the necessary changes on your computer for both Windows and Mac users. Finally I will recommend sources where you can buy proxies. Use the top ten list of the best proxy sites and read the reviews. Once you buy a proxy a whole new internet world will open up to you and free you of restrictions that you might not of even known you had!

Why Change My IP?
- All the reasons why changing your IP address will improve your internet experience

- Easy instructions for both Windows and Mac users

- List of the top proxy sites that excel in service, quality and the best price