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Benefit Highlights
  • Surf Privately
  • Unblock Websites
  • Watch USA Netflix
  • Multiple Downloads
  • Appear as a Second Person
  • Extra Layer of Internet Security
  • Intensive Search Engine Requests
  • Make Full use of SEO Tools

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The Benefits of Having an Extra IP Address

An extra proxy address can come in handy for a lot of reasons. There is just so many uses and everyone has different needs so I made a list that will cover as wide an audience as possible. You might even think of some advantages that I might of missed.

Have you ever been blocked from anything online before like a chat room, forum, or a website? It's usually your IP address that's blocked. Change it and your right back in! For me Netflix was the reason, for you it might be something else. Just have a browse through some of the benefits of having more than one IP address and I'm sure you'll see something you like.

Surf The Net Anonymously: As you may have seen with the IP Address Tracker to the left it's not that hard to get information about you. For whatever reasons you might have for surfing privately, also called anonymizing, it's a primary reason for you to make use of a proxy server and get a second IP. The list of recommended sellers that I have collected all use password protected Dedicated Class 1 Elite Proxies. You can't buy a more secure proxy and that is why these are perfect to surf the internet privately.

Unblock Websites: If you are surfing the net at school or work or in libraries you may have noticed that some sites like Facebook or Youtube have been blocked. A simple way around this is to change the computer's IP address and all sites will become unblocked. However, some public computers might not allow you to access the computer's Control Panel so in this case the IP changes have to be made in the browser, but that is covered in detail on the tutorial page.

Watch USA Netflix: Having a USA / American IP address has many benefits. For me Netflix was the biggest motivator to buy an IP address. I signed up for Netflix living in Canada using my IP given to me by my cable company. With this IP I can only view content from Netflix Canada. As soon as I entered the US Netflix I was redirected back to Canada. Now, with a second IP attached to a USA proxy server I can view all the American content which is about 10 times the amount of movies, documentaries and TV shows. Aside from Netflix I can watch or do anything that is normally only allowed for those that live in the USA. So if you're outside USA you can still enjoy the great content from Netflix and any other regionally restrictive site. No more messages like, "You can not view this from your current location" Yay!

Multiple Downloads: With a second IP address you also have the ability to appear as a second person on the internet. Most free download sites such as Megaupload, Fileserve, Wupload and Hotfile only allow one download at a time unless you join their site. This is tracked by, take a guess, yup your IP. Simply download using your first IP and then quickly change your IP and you instantly become a second surfer and you can download a second time simultaneously to the same computer.

Appear as a Second Person: This benefit so has many uses. Whenever a site only let's you do something once, with a second IP you can now do this same action a second time. To name a few, you will be able to do things like enter a contest twice, vote for something twice or join something twice. Basically whenever a website specifies that something is "Only once per household" you will be able to do this twice.

Security: Hackers use your IP address to locate and hack into your computer. Having a proxy server between you and the internet hides your private data. It's like having an extra layer of defense against hackers. Any attempts to track you will end at the proxy server not your computer. Try coming back to this site once you buy a new IP address and look at the IP Tracking tool. You'll see what I mean.

Intensive Search Engine Requests: Any reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business and any website owner knows the benefit of having access to several IP addresses. Owning a website or optimizing a website require heavy use of requests to search engines such as Google. For example, in order to check where a website ranks for a particular search term requests have to be made to Google. If there are several search terms that need to be checked the requests grow dramatically when all are to be checked at once. The same applies for checking Google Page Rank of numerous different web pages. When done with one IP Google sees the activity and will block the IP temporarily. Rotating IP addresses is the solution to this and the workload can be divided to stay under Google's radar.

Using SEO Tools: SEO Tools such as Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEO Suite or Senuke need to access proxy server with several IP addresses to use them effectively. If someone tries these tools with one IP the proxy will not last long. Google will start with a temporary block of your IP and will escalate the block to a permanent ban of your IP if you do not divide the workload over several IP addresses to mask the software's robotic activity. To buy an IP address or several IP's please see my list of recommended sellers.

How Do I Change My IP Address?
- Easy instructions for both Windows and Mac users

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