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List of The Best Proxy Sites to Buy Proxies

If you plan to buy proxies it has been my experience that many proxy sites make the process more complicated than necessary. Some sites might ask you to install software or sign up for their VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will allow you all the advantages I have mentioned and in some cases more but the prices can climb fast and it might be more than you need. You don't need a VPN if you just want to get back into a blocked site, surf anonymously or access a geographically restricted site. All you need is four pieces of information; the numerical IP address, port number, password and a login. That's it! The best advice I can give is to recommend that you do the necessary research and compare the vendors yourself before you buy an IP address. It is my hope that this list of recommended proxy sites saves you some time.

I have included the price of a single IP address if the seller offers it, but if you need to buy proxies in bulk for SEO purposes or using tools like Scrapebox, SEOsuite, SEnuke and Xrumer then I have included some bulk prices also. Many other packages are available at each of the individual proxy sites. All sellers mentioned have reputations for the great quality of their proxies and excellent customer support. Please read my reviews, compare a few proxy sites and find one or two sites to buy proxies that best suites your needs.

Rank List of Top Proxy Sites
1. buy proxies bannerpricepricing retailer
Buy Proxies gets my first vote because they have everything that I look for in a solid proxy site; competitive prices, quality anonymous proxies, fast service and most of all NO RESTRICTIONS on how you use their proxies. There is no need to read the fine print because there isn't any. Their motto is "Proxies With Balls" and they mean it! If you can think of something you want to do with a proxy then with Buy Proxies you can do it. Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke, gaming, downloads, anything you want to do Buy Proxies is just fine with it. Another factor that heavy users might me interested in is that all of their proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and new proxies are sent to you monthly. The process is simple too. Very soon after payment is made you will receive an email with all the necessary information; IP address, port, login and password. Can you tell I use these guys for proxies? Well, I do. So I can say to you first hand how good this business is to their customers. I contacted service to ask why they didn't sell one proxy individually. Their response was to send me a link from their site that takes you to the purchase of one single IP address for $5.00. That $5.00 link can be found here but if you want to visit their site then just click their above banner. Personally, I need more than one private proxy for SEO purposes but I thought that one proxy would be appealing to a lot of people that just want to surf privately, access blocked sites and other advantages that I mention on this page. If you're main reason here is to buy proxies in bulk to help with your SEO then I would recommend a combination of private and shared proxies. At Buy Proxies their shared proxies are called "semi-dedicated", meaning your proxy is only shared with two other people so above average speed is always possible. For those of you that have asked I use my semi-dedicated proxies for all intense search engine requests like scraping, checking SERPs, and checking PR and use my private proxies strictly for posting.
2. mppmy private proxympp
My Private Proxy (MPP) is a well established place on the net to buy proxies and a pleasure to deal with. I give them money and they give me quality proxies. Fast and reliable with a service department that answered my two test questions in an average of 9 minutes flat. Well done! With SEO in mind, MPP can cater to a webmasters needs and offers nothing less than premium proxies. The bulk prices are average to low but as mentioned paying a little more has its advantages. If you only need one proxy the price is excellent. Try one out to see how good they are. You will not be disappointed. MyPrivateProxy is a highly recommended source to buy proxies.
3. hide my asshide my ass
Hide My Ass (HMA) is another great vendor that I recently subscribed to. Please note that they only offer shared proxies. You access HMA's proxy server with their Pro VPN package and share in over 22k IP addresses with an unknown amount of members. I was reluctant to use these guys at first because you have to install their software before accessing their VPN but I'm glad I did. I do a lot of SEO related work and need lots of proxies. Doing intensive Google requests can get your IP blocked quickly so it's nice to have lots of addresses to work with. The software is easy to install and allows you to customize the rotation of your IP. On the down side they are shared IPs and can be slower than private IP addresses. Once I have used these guys for a few months I may save myself a lot of money and replace my semi-dedicated proxies from Buy Proxies. Until then I suggest you do what I'm doing and test out Hide My Ass's Pro VPN it works really well for scraping large amounts of data from Google. However, I noticed a sizable decrease in success when posting. So for posting still stick with some private proxies from one of the other proxy sites for a favorable success rate.
4. bestproxyandvpnbestproxyandvpn
Best Proxy and VPN are the new kids in town just starting their business in 2011. Their proxies are lightning fast and so far their support has been supurb. If speed and service are more important than price to you then I highly recommend this source to buy proxies. The bulk prices are on the high side but the quality of proxy is supurb. The price to buy one IP address is the best on the net and another reason why Best Proxy and VPN rank so high in the list of the top proxy sites. To buy one proxy the price is $2.47 each if you click their banner. Test one out and see if you like the proxy as much as I did before you make a bulk purchase. Also note that each proxy has no bandwidth limitations. If you need to buy proxies this place is proving to be one of the best proxy sites around.
5. your private proxyyour private proxyyour private proxy
Your Private Proxy has been around for a long while and is perhaps the most trusted of all proxy sites for private or shared proxies. I know their prices are at a premium but reputation goes a long way. This proxy site is the only vendor recommended by Scrapebox itself. Scrapebox is a known proxy killer if misused and demands reliable and fast proxies for intense search engine requests. If you have the money to spare I can assure your satisfaction with the service Your Private Proxy offers. Unlimited bandwidth is a given on any proxy you buy from them.
6. ezproxiesezproxiesezproxies
EZ proxies has a good reputation for quality and service but their prices are a bit high compared to most proxy sites. They recently offered a promotional coupon (EZ2012) to save 30% but it's only for the first month. There is no price plan for one proxy here so this only a source to buy bulk proxies. They allow use of Scrapebox but not Xrumer and make no mention of bandwidth limitations so ask some questions before using these guys.
7. limeproxieslimeproxieslimeproxies
Lime Proxies is another trusted vendor and has a great reputation. Some of their pricing packages are moderately competitive but make sure you read the fine print. I did not see anywhere on their site indication of bandwidth allowance so I have to assume limitations. Scrapebox is allowed only if you buy specific proxies and they cost double the amount I mention above. I'm certain this is because if misused Scrapebox can cause IPs to get blocked. But at $300 for 100 Scrapebox proxies, ouch! If you are ready to buy an IP address or to buy proxies in bulk I'd advise to have a look at the other proxy sites first to see what else is out there. Xrumer is not permitted at all when using these proxies.
8. squidproxiessquidproxiessquidproxies
Squid Proxies, a proxy site that has been around for a while are well known for their proxy quality and customer service. Their prices on the other hand are bit high. There is a lot more competition now so prices around the net are starting to drop over the last few years so do some shopping around at other proxy sites before committing to Squid Proxies. The proxies they use are very fast and all come with unlimited bandwidth which is perfect for some of your SEO tools but make sure you read Squid Proxies "Appropriate use Policy" first.
9. proxybonanzaproxybonanzaproxybonanza
Proxy Bonanza is a classic example of an established business that refuses to get with the times. Sure their proxies are of great quality combined with renown service but their pricing is completely non-competitive. It seems that they are still riding on laurels of the past with a strong customer base that blindly renew their proxies without price comparing. The same service and quality can be found in any of the eight proxy sites I have already mentioned. Bandwidth limitations vary with each package so be sure to check them out before purchasing. Use of Scrapebox and Xrumer are not allowed at Proxy Bonanza. To buy an IP address or to buy proxies from these guys just doesn't make sense.
10. proxifyproxifyproxify
Proxify is a great example of a free proxy site. You access their proxy server through a portal to view a site. With this method you don't have to change your IP but there are severe limitations. About a quarter of the screen is blocked by various ads and prompts to join up to Proxify's paid service. The free service stops at peak times and when it does work certain sites are blocked such as Facebook and Youtube. I guess you can't complain too much because after all it is free and could help casual users. The paid version costs $40 for six months so as you can see in my banner I have divided that cost over the six months. Once payment is received the ads disappear, more sites become available and the bandwidth limitation increases to 50 gigs a month which is still small compared to all of the proxy vendors I have mentioned. Desbite being one of the best free proxy sites my recommendation here is to make use of the free portal if that's the price that fits your budget but avoid the paid service. There are better alternatives. If you want more flexibility and less restrictions then buy proxies instead from one of the above proxy sites, you'll be glad you did!
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